Secure the netting in place by threading florist’s wiring through a couple of places in the mesh and twisting it to secure one layer of netting to another. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! As of November 2020, focus is on planning ahead for the holidays. Our Agencies are accountable with regular inspections and evaluations. They are very heavy compared to container grown trees. Boxes literally get kicked, thrown and dropped. Make sure that you avoid doing this at a spot where you notice damage to the pot. All rights reserved. How to Wrap a Potted Plant With Paper and a Bow→, How to Stabilize a Plant Stand That Falls Over and Is Not Stable→. B&B trees are dug up from the field with the soil base around the roots. I cringe when I see them standing up unprotected. This helps to prevent excess movement and also possible cracking of terracotta or porcelain pots, if the plants get jostled a bit while driving. Once planted, another good reminder is to be careful when mowing your lawn or weed whacking nearby so you don’t nick the bark once you have successfully planted it in your landscape. 18. Back fill around tree with soil; untie the branches. Water your plants only if they seem unusually dry. Tie tope around trunk to represent radius of root ball; scratch root ball diameter in dirt around tree. Do I need to cut down for wind resistance? Cathy T. This is some really good information about tree nursery. You can also just roll the plant in some newspaper to protect the tops and stems. 3 Indigo – BLUE – is the Trending Color predicted for 2020. 4. If the trip will be long, add a couple of teaspoons of polymer moisture crystals to water to make a slurry and apply this to the roots before placing in the plastic bag. Tie burlap to root ball with string. Transport your plants right before they are due to be watered. ( Log Out /  The main thing you want to do for trees is protect its bark and foliage during travel. Leaving exposed roots could potentially dry out the roots too. Due to our Covid year, as you may already know, all my workshops have been cancelled this year (2020). Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, Fine Gardening suggests use of bubble wrap between pots, U-Haul features moving dollies for rent, US Netting features a number of cargo netting options. Walk up the ramp and stand up the potted plant on the transport blanket. With your planning and careful attention, your plants will make a successful move. All Rights Reserved. Potted plants are excellent for accentuating various spots in your landscape and architecture of a driveway and home. Dig around the root ball with pointed shovel. Sign up for our newsletter. Sometimes wounds will heal but it can make the tree’s appearance not as lovely as you had imagined. You should not lift a tree by its trunk at the base or mid-way on the trunk. Remember though, that shipping the container and soil will greatly increase the cost of shipping the plant. Spritz water on top of the newspaper as well. The last thing you want to do is damage your new plant purchase, so here are a few tips and reminders on what to do when you move your plant from the garden center to your home. As for the foliage on the top of the tree, it should not be exposed to wind as you drive home. ", AAA Cardholders – Move with Atlas and Save. Saturday, October 23, 2010 There's a Right Way To Transport Trees, Shrubs. Trees are one of the largest investments you’ll make in your landscape - not only price-wise, but also size-wise. Place bubble wrap around the flower pots. You should not lift a tree by its trunk at the base or mid-way on the trunk.

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