always a nice hike. Solid trail that's ideal for kids and the elderly. I gave this trail a three-start meaning it is ok but I would not visit it again. The parking was good, and the bridge walk was nice, not too windy but a bit too noisy like most bridge walks. It’s a nice walk! it had lovely rolling hills a beautiful view of the bay and lots of birds. Offers nice views of the bay and bridges... in the "loop" part (middle of the walk), there is some shade provided by the fairly dense forestry. Steve, Mel, Dave ans,Steve. A couple hundred meters further is the Academy police station, turn right for easy parking on Country Ln Dr. That said, unless you really want to ride the bridge for it’s vistas, you can drive much closer to the natural beauty part of the bike trail. Not steep, but not entirely flat. An approximately 3 mile walk (each way), the trail is both paved and natural surface and offers great views of the Carquinez Strait. Still green. Also lots of cow poop which can be an unwelcome distraction/hazard for younger kids. ©2020 Bay Area Ridge Trail Council All Rights Reserved. In the meantime, you can reach us at Enjoy brisk breezes and occasional fog as you watch the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers funnel into San Francisco Bay. Well maintained trail though. Le sentier vous présentera des fleurs sauvages et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. beware poison oak is coming out! This is also the route of the Bay Trail and Carquinez Strait Scenic Loop Trail. I intended to do the 1.6 mile loop, but ended up doing the 1.9 mile loop. Le sentier vous présentera des fleurs sauvages et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Great views of the bridge. And the views are amazing! Start in Crockett, or drive through Crockett to the parking lot at the Carquinez Strait Staging Area. You can see both the Carquinez and Martinez Bridge. 15 – Pt. Windy at the top. From the highest elevations, the view includes the marshland of Benicia State Recreation Area to the north across Carquinez Strait. Has beautiful views of the carquinez bridge and lots of open green hills. Look out over the wide waters of Carquinez Strait, where the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers flow into San Pablo Bay before entering San Francisco Bay. Wilson to Carquinez Bridge; 16 – Carquinez Strait; 17 – Benicia State Rec Area to White Slough; 18 – N. Vallejo to Napa; 19 – Hudeman Slough to Black Point; 20 – Petaluma River to McInnis Park; 21 – Las Gallinas Vly to Pt. Also in the loop area, there are some spots where it's hard to know if you're on the trail... stick to your gut and stay to the gently trodden grass. B to B clockwise. I loved it. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités et est accessible toute l'année. Good day hike with Yummy Foods nearby in Vallejo..! Length 3.5 mi Elevation gain 393 ft Route type Out & Back Walking Paved No shade City walk Great view, easy walk, and the dog loved it. Great trail, encountered someone with their dog off leash was not friendly with my dog. Beautiful views and a Nice breeze. Very scenic. Trail is bumpy. We did not walk alone. Beautiful views. Tamalpais to the west and Mt. The grazing cows were cool! Must have the OuterSpatial app for the link to take you directly to the mobile map page. Great bay views of surrounding towns. to Paradise Dr. 23 – Richmond-San Rafael Bridge There is some slight incline on the trail; I'm in my 60's with a bum hip, and it was fine. this actually was the Bull Valley trail I hiked. San Pedro Rd. Trail has nice views of Benicia, Glen Cove and the strait. This trail description is excerpted from the 2019 Guidebook. cow herd kept me from going into Port Costa (blame it on the cows!) i actually started where i ended lol just forgot to start recording. Beautiful trail with great views of both bridges in the area. Click here or on the map to download a PDF version to print. I saw only one other person on the trail (altho there were several cars in the parking area). A great walk, this trail will give you a great taste of the Carquinez regional shoreline with views of the Carquinez Strait, this is a great location for birders. Join strollers, exercise buffs, dog walkers, and commuters on the west side of this high suspension bridge. The pedestrian approach runs alongside the exit at the southern edge of the bridge. There’s noise from cars, but it’s not quite as bad as the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, or Richmond Bridge. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités et est accessible toute l'année. Carquinez Loop Overlook Trail est un sentier en boucle de 1.6 miles très fréquenté situé près de Port Costa, Californie. The suspension bridge is spectacular. I inadvertently headed down Eckley Rd in trying out this trail earlier today, and realized almost immediately I headed the wrong way (15% grade); headed back up, and entered the "cow gate" towards the outhouse, and this was the beginning of the trail.

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