The N-P-K ratio of dairy cow manure averages 10-4-8, while steer manure’s N-P-K ratio averages 14-5-8. Properties of Manure | Page iii Contents ... lactating dairy cow consumes in the range of 80 litres of water per day in the winter, but consumption increases to as much as 140 litres per day in the summer. The exact nutrient breakdown varies depending on factors such as the cow's food, age and bedding, but in general, dairy cow manure offers a 10-4-8 N-P-K ratio. Cow dung is somehow a type of FYM that is mostly excreta of cattle may contain water ~95%, urea ~2.5%, hormones, salts, and enzymes ~2.5%. Phosphorus occurs in animal manure in a combination of inorganic and organic forms. Cow manure has an acidifying effect on soils. Beside cow/ cattle manure (FYM), the substantial quantities of liquid manures (dungs/urines) can be effectively utilized for remediation of Cd-contaminated soils. And while it’s rare to find beef cattle manure on the market, its N-P-K ratio averages 11-7-10. Most cow manure … In-Barn Water Use ... N ratios (wet weight basis) of beef cattle manure (adapted from Larney et al. Anaerobic co‐digestion of cow manure (CM) and barley (Hordeum vulgare, HV) was evaluated in terms of biochemical methane potentials with respect to five different CM to HV mixing ratios of 1:0, 2:1, 1:1, 1:2, and 0:1 based on volatile solids (VS) contents. Unfertilized cow manure has low fertilizer efficiency and can be fertilized and fermented to improve fertilizer efficiency. The proportion of various P forms in manure is influenced by species and age of livestock, diet, bedding type and method of manure handling. The water content in the manure is high, the air is not easy to circulate, the organic matter in the manure is difficult to decompose, and the rot is slow, which is a cold organic fertilizer. The ratio of carbon to nitrogen is between 30-40, so that the content of cow dung is included. In the fresh cow dung, 10%-15% of the total amount of fermented cow manure is added, such as straw and rice bran, to adjust the moisture, aeration and carbon-nitrogen ratio. Location Age of Manure Adding manure to alkaline soils can increase the soil's acidity over time and help plant development. 2006). Range of ratios of N:P in different sources of manure (1). Cow manure 1.7 16.6-25 Pig manure 3.8 6.2-12.5 Chicken droppings 6.3 5-7.1 Horse manure 2.3 25 Sheep manure 3.8 33 Hay 4.0 12.5-25 Lucernes 2.8 16.6 Algae 1.9 ... Table B2: Nitrogen-content and C/N-ratio data for a selection of organic substrates, compiled from various sources When aged cow manure is incorporated into clay soils, it can increase the already acidic soil to levels that will not support healthy plant development.

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