The two soon lay back down on the ground from where they were sitting, with Double D going back to sleep as soon as he did. Haha! The incident is not seen in the series, but according to Edd he seemed to have been injured and/or humiliated during a game of dodgeball, and he has since feared going to gym class. After causing Ed pain, Eddy turns his attention to Edd, who flashbacks to the torment of gym class and a mysterious " dodgeball incident ". Do so now! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", "A bad dream…?" I could remember hearing their laughter before I passed out, mocking me…", "After what happened, both Mother and Father decided to move to the Cul-De-Sac, to get away from Lemon Brook," Double D stated as he then looked towards both Ed and Eddy, "And then I met you two soon afterwards. The Dodgeball Incident was an event that happened to Edd in the past. Double D made a sigh as he got up to walk over to the jar of lit fireflies, sitting down in front of it as he did, "Why did I have that horrible nightmare…?" He said, “Excuse me for thinking I had lost the two people I have left in this world” or something along those lines , I thought of it as edd getting his head cracked open after a game and when he died and went to purgatory he received a black hat to hide his scar. Looking back, I think it’s a little sinister how excited he got with that “Canadian squirt gun” cannon, and there are more odd reactions from Edd coming from other cannon-like inventions in the show. The incident is not seen in the series, but according to Edd he seemed to have been injured and/or humiliated during a game of dodgeball, and … Press J to jump to the feed. In fact, the threat of playing dodgeball frightened Edd immensely, and when Eddy was ready to throw the ball at him, he collapsed to the ground, catatonic. Edd has always had an irrational fear of authority and even of himself in some situations. It's the Dodgeball Incident that he sometimes mentions, but never talks about… I also made it tie into what was under his hat, because, you know… It does seem to fit that the two things would be related, you know? It was on a tall cliff beside the amusement park that we could see a construction-like setting. He didn’t trust himself with his strength, which he could have when adrenalized or even accidentally (fistful). In particular, this comment buried all the way at the bottom of her (Raven Molisee)'s Deviantart, where someone asked her about Double D's dodgeball incident. ", "Y-Yes Ed, it's all in the past now," Double D muffled a little as he squirmed a little from the hug from Ed, "Now please release me before you asphyxiate me. Edd's hat has been removed about 3-4 times, and the first 2 times Ed and Eddy seemed slightly creeped out. Eddy wears a yellow polo shirt with a purple collar/sleeve hems and a vertical red stripe on the right side.

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