In February 2020, reported that legislative assistants made a median annual salary of $40,367. Competition for these jobs may also be competitive, so individuals may want to consider volunteering if they can't obtain employment. For example, a state representative elected to Congress might bring some existing staff on board. Read high-profile newspapers (e.g., The Washington Post) and respected journals. Brace yourself: The hours are long and the pay is low on the Hill. Either way, campaign season creates alliances , and such alliances are helpful when it comes to hiring in the blustery world of Congress. Start with classic networking and let people know you’re interested in working for a new member. Why? U. of California, Berkeley: Career in Politics. Plus, opportunities on the Hill open and close quickly, so you need to be able to start work at a moment’s notice. In Washington, personal networking, whether a handshake or lunch, still trumps social networking on Facebook and LinkedIn. While individuals may have the option to volunteer for any number of candidates, they may want to do some research and find someone who matches their political affiliation and takes many of the same positions. Hill Navigator recommends submitting your résumé, but know it will be sitting in a pile with thousands — yes, thousands — of other eager, wannabe-staffers. How to contact a congressional staffer. Research your state’s previous senatorial office holders. On the House GOP side, the collection runs through Conference Secretary Virginia Foxx of North Carolina; on the Democratic side, it is with Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland. Move to Washington, D.C., to put yourself in the midst of the environment in which you plan to work. How Big Business Is Lining Up With Hillary, The Fight That Changed Political TV Forever, Weekly Education: Coronavirus Special Edition. Land a non-paid internship with your senator’s staff and plan to work grueling hours to get your feet wet while you’re oriented to the workings of the U.S. Senate. Call it an internship or whatever you want. But how to get there? If they have the physical space, Hill offices love free labor. 202-777-2742 • How to Land a Job Working for a New Member of Congress, referrals from other offices were top candidates. You should also have the ability to deal with deadlines, pressure and stressful situations and work long hours. Should the World Be Worried About the Guinea Ebola Flare-Up? Some even go so far as to arrange the actual interviews. So pick a party, and be proud of it. At least drop off a résumé and cover letter. Give the new member a bit of time to settle in and see what positions are left to fill. (By the way, if you don’t know what LD, LA and LC stand for, go to the Congressional Institute website at to do some basic research.). Visit the offices of representatives from your home state. Things to avoid when approaching a legislator/staffer: You should not go on too long about whatever is on your mind. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a congressional intern. Here’s my advice. This is an opportunity for aspiring aides to learn about the political process and develop legislative experience. But campaigns are not a sure thing. Realizing that there are a finite number of slots open for the largest senatorial staff, you’re going to need to prepare and focus your efforts—and if you have a friend or relative already working in D.C., that will help you get a leg up as you move toward your goal. Offer to work for free.

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