Experience the best of Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone and Kamakura on this 9-night, low-cost Small Group Tour. Seijin no hi (Meerderjarigheidsdag). Small group tours and tailormade travel Answer 1 of 11: Hellooo I'm in a long line of people heading to Japan for a 10/11/12ish day trip. Combined with Tokyo Cheapo, total reach exceeds 850,000. Get the festive feel at the Umeda German Christmas Market in Osaka, right up until Christmas day! On paper, watching two larger-than-life sportsmen, complete with top knots and loin clothes, wrestle each other to the ground (often in a matter of seconds) might not sounds like a great day out, but if you get chance, don’t miss out on watching the sumo. It goes without saying that these performances are extremely popular – book well in advance. Not making the trip to Hokkaido? Our Japan travel experts are full of tips for how to make the most of Japan in November. Hana Matsuri (Bloemenfeest). You do the tickets. Dag van de Noordelijke Territoria. Visit our sister brand Inside Asia Tours site and blog. On the river around …, The only of the traditional Kyoto dance performances to take place every year from November 1-10, this is held at the …, Vogue magazine holds their annual “global festival of shopping” event ‘Fashion’s Night …, The Tokushima Yokai (monster) Matsuri is a unique event that takes place at Kamimyo Elementary School near the somewhat …, Held over the course of a week, this festival draws worshippers from across Japan, but the most important guests are the …, The Tochigi Autumn Festival is a three day traditional festival that usually takes place in Tochigi City, Tochigi …, A large display with over 10,000 rockets, this display takes place on the banks of the Ibi river and celebrates the …, ** Due to COVID-19, the November 2020 tournament will not take place in Fukuoka but rather in Tokyo at the Ryogoku …, Officially it’s the “Manmos Flea Market Z”, but that’s just the transliteration of the Japanese …, Okinawa is a crossroads of the seas. A tonic for dance-weary bones. More than 100,000 people visit Japan Cheapo each month for help in planning their trip to Japan. Start your Japan adventure , As much as anywhere in the world, Tokyo is a city, #SpiderLilies The blooming Spider Lilies mark, Thanks to @insidejapantours Tour Leader Thomas for, #Weekendgoals Do we really need an excuse to travel to Japan in November? We don't endorse any of the companies we link to but we are selective in terms of the companies that we choose. The festival …, A festival held at Daigan-ji on the island of Itsukushima/Miyajima in which priests and brave members of the public walk …, Watch a parade of more than 1000 people colourfully clad in traditional clothing shout “wasso” as they march …, Get your koyo groove on with six weeks of awesome autumnal foliage and a shedload of great local deals in Karuizawa, …, The Nigohachi Festival (ni-go-hachi means two-five-eight) is an Autumn festival that takes place in Higashiomi, Shiga …, Watch the huge procession of the Ryukyu Kingdom in all its glory, This is the main festival for Karatsu Shrine – a shrine with over 400 years of history and one of Saga Prefectures …, This is Hiroshima’s largest ramen event with makers of the famous noodle descending on the unsuspecting shopping …, Experience Halloween like never before at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Sponsored posts are clearly labeled with a "Sponsored" tag. Make your way through a terrifying Horror …, Watch as over 10,000 fireworks are launched over Lake Biwa, along with crowds of over 350,000. NOVEMBER JAPAN FESTIVALS 11月の祭り. Geisha are synonymous with Japanese culture, and their elegant kimono, elaborate hair ornaments and gentle performances hark back to another time. If you purchase from or sign up with some companies we link to, we will be compensated.

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