Tree Rentals For over 20 years Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing and selling trees throughout the Southwest. Pick it out in person or online, bring it home yourself or have it delivered. Impact on People & Society, Italian Christmas Decorations: Ideas for Your Home, 18 Fun Gingerbread House Pictures to Inspire Yours, 15 Charming Christmas Table Decoration Ideas. You also don't want to take up space in your retail store or within your business storing your Christmas tree and decorations. What About Renting a Christmas Tree This Year? Apparently local-area delivery and collection is available for an additional fee. Test 1. Pot-grown trees are a nice idea. Rent A Living Christmas Tree is located on Highway 1, a short distance south of Carmel and just south of the entrance to Pt. Some text here. Seattle, Washington: Local nursery, Swansons, has teamed up with local Seattle parks to offer living tree rental programs. Renting a Christmas tree ensures the following: While Ambius will install, decorate, and remove your trees and displays at the end of the holidays, you want to be sure that your trees will be stored properly and won't get ruined before the next season. The University of Hull; University of Copenhagen; Sami Grover is … Enter the hippest trend in holiday decorations: real Christmas trees you can rent. Even employees will feel better when their company takes the time to set up a tree, holiday display and lights. Christmas Karaoke In most cases, the Christmas trees are taken out of the ground, roots and all, placed into pots, and delivered to your home or place of business. The Original Living Christmas Tree Co. will deliver Christmas trees in pots in the Portland area. Call us for a free quote at London Christmas tree rental, London. Jon/Airbnb. The company offers 12 varieties in sizes of 4 1/2 to 7 1/2 feet. It can be a lot of work setting up for the holiday season. 6 reviews of Rent A Living Christmas Tree "Rent a living Christmas Tree! For more details, see our Privacy Policy. Some text here. California Company Lets You Rent a Live Christmas Tree, Why Good Christmas Trees Might Be Hard to Find, A Canadian Forester Argues in Favor of Real Christmas Trees. Living Christmas Tree Rental Takes Off in England, Too. This definitely feels like the mansion of tree houses. Instead of heading out to the forest to cut down a tree or standing in line at a corner lot with crowds of unhappy holiday shoppers, you simply order the rental and have it delivered to your home. Enter the hippest trend in holiday decorations: real Christmas trees you can rent. That's why, for decades, businesses have turned to the Christmas tree rental experts at Ambius. Having the right display is important, because the right display can make customers feel warm, happy and more willing to stick around and shop. Living Christmas tree rentals make going green a cinch. Let us take care of your limited space with our commercial Christmas Tree Storage service. Please help us improve. Rent a living Christmas Tree. John Fogel's The Original Living Christmas Tree Company may be the first and most well-known holiday tree rental services, but it is no longer the only option available for eco-friendly tree huggers. Saving the world one Christmas tree at a time . Ambius has offices throughout North America where they can store full holiday displays safely so they do not get damaged. Christmas tree rentals If you run a retail business, the last thing you want to worry about during the busy holiday months is putting up your tree and other holiday decorations . The tree house contains a living room, a kitchenette, a master bedroom, a bathroom with shower, and a third floor observation room. 800-581-9946 This alternative to artificial Christmas trees is one of the latest seasonal sensations. Living Christmas trees are the solution to the seasonal quandary pitting the beauty and scent of an actual pine tree with the guilt of watching it die. We'll take care of setting it up, making sure it's in the right place and has the right decorations and lights, and then take it down and store it for the year. Test 2. You have the option to rent a tree that they replant after the holidays or purchase the tree to plant yourself. What's the Environmentally Preferable Choice: A Real Christmas Tree or a Faux One? We have trees in every shape and size and if it grows here we have it available. Ambius offers Christmas Tree Rentals to take the hassle out of the holidays. There's also something nice about going to pick up your tree—bringing something new and fresh and different into the house during the darkest time of the year to brighten things up. Renting a Living Christmas Tree for a Guilt-Free Holiday, 10 Simple Ways To Knock Christmas on a Budget Out of the Park, The Original Living Christmas Tree Company, 22 Beautiful Decorated Christmas Tree Ideas, 17 Charming Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree With Ribbon, 23 Fun Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas and Themes, 23 Creative Thanksgiving Family Traditions, Zodiac Signs and Their Personality Profiles Explained, Why Is Culture Important? Show That Gratitude, No Matter the Time of Year, German Christmas Markets Are the Best Way to Celebrate the Happiest Season of the Year, Why the Indoor Farming Movement Is Taking Off, the idea of keeping it alive between the holidays seems daunting, living Christmas tree rental makes so much sense, pre-order your free-range meats, veggie boxes, pies and other holiday goodies. What's Wrong With Amazon Selling Fresh Christmas Trees? Once the holidays are over, the tree rental crews pick up the pines and deliver them to parks, school districts and other service organizations that replant the trees on their property. I've always liked the idea of a living Christmas tree, but the idea of keeping it alive between the holidays seems daunting. Rental Christmas Trees is also part of Primrose Vale Farm's … Rent a Living Christmas Tree isn't the only company offering trees for lease — Rent-a-Christmas plays down the eco-friendly angle and instead emphasizes the convenience factor. Writer. Sami Grover is a writer and self-described “environmental do-gooder,” now advising community organizations. Hanging decorations and setting up displays are only part of the equation. Did I Do the Right Thing by Cutting Down a Christmas Tree? Contact Ambius at 800-581-9946 for a FREE quote and to discuss how we can help enhance your business during the holidays and beyond. The following are some other popular living Christmas tree rental operations: While companies that rent living Christmas trees are booming, they are not available in all 50 states.

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