How To Use Eggs For Hair: 3 Egg Hair Treatments 1. Blend until you get creamy and smooth consistency. If you have oily hair, an egg white mask is best, as it can help control oil production and “de-grease” your scalp. How to Apply Egg on Hair. I have been shampoo free for over six years now and egg shampoo remains one of my favourite alternative shampoos, although it isn’t as straightforward – or gross- as it sounds. Do not leave an egg conditioner on your hair for more than 20 minutes. (Bahaha, I just know this making some of you vomit a tiny bit.). Beat one or two eggs. Total disbelief eh? egg shampoo for Cosmopolitan magazine here. I got 5 days of nice clean hair (including one water only wash a couple of days after) and then had to wear a scarf for the last two days, which were just a little too oily for me. You can use egg for hair growth once weekly. //
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