Part II, Meet our researcher in Scotland – interview with Senia Febrica, Prof Morgera Contributes to European Commission’s study on EU-Africa cooperation on ocean governance. This federation of local Social Organizations of Artisanal Fishermen is currently seeding, extracting and collecting seaweeds in the Paracas Bay inside a concessioned area of 34 hectares. “In the village not everyone is a fisherman,” he claims. Delivering maritime solutions that remove the boundaries between ship and shore, helping our customers benefit from more efficient, cleaner and safer practices. We — the five associations — are now dedicated exclusively to this type of work.”. This multimedia story takes advantage of advanced browser functionality available in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This vast, mysterious body breathes life into our planet: it provides over half the oxygen we breathe, absorbs our carbon dioxide, provides us with food, and supports livelihoods of millions of people around the world. One Ocean's striving purpose is conservation so … And so now women are not behind in anything. To learn more about how the OneOcean suite of solutions can solve maritime compliance and navigation challenges. Photos: UNDP DRC | Chrispin Ngombo, Clotilde Goeman, Photos: UNDP Peru | Raúl Arteaga Bengoa, Renato Contreras Farías, Videos: UNDP Peru | Raúl Arteaga Bengoa, Renato Contreras Farías. The DRC is connected to the sea by a sliver of 40 kilometres of coastline. Situated off the coast of Peru and Chile, the Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem (HCLME) is one of the most productive Large Marine Ecosystems in the world and accounts for as much as 20% of the global fish catch. Our ocean is one of planet Earth’s greatest and most important resources. Our bikinis are designed for the water-women. She is a member of what is called a self-help group in India, collectives of men or women who band together to support one another by pooling their income. I am very proud of this. It’s Gutierrez’s goal to sustain this industry independent of the government, securing an income for him and his fellow fishermen. Through her mangrove farming, Samiksha Gopal Gawker has been contributing directly to an effort to sustain not only her family, but her entire community. Giving teams onshore and onboard the real-time information they need, when they need it. Nowadays we are used to fishing all the way out into the high seas, because that is where we find a little more fish. Together, the stories of three coastal communities in India, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Peru illustrate the global challenge that all people and nations share. For general enquiries, support or to find our locations please visit this page to get in touch. Not only are these crabbers preserving the natural habitat — they’re earning higher incomes. Keep up-to-date with the latest regulations, minimise impact, reduce risk and potential fines. “After opening an account in the bank, every month we started depositing Rs 100 per person,” she recalls. Manage safety and quality procedures, effectively reduce risk and provide an audit trial. “For example, if somebody fell, nobody made fun, but took care of them. For the full experience, download one of those browsers here: You can also access a mobile version on your phone. We look forward to the project’s implementation in our village, including the ponds that will allow the fish of the sea to multiply. It protects us from even more dangerous effects of climate change, and it provides an income for billions of people. Awareness and recognition of the urgent threats to ocean health are growing, and global responses are mobilising. Created purely out of recycled materials, we provide comfort, fit and unique designs. We need to save our ocean before it’s too late, but who decides how we best take care of it? READ MORE. When we leave the shore we have no way of knowing if there will be a storm or even rain — sometimes people die at sea because of accidents. The Gigartina Chamisoi seaweed used to just wash up and we didn’t have to dive to collect it, but back then there was more of it. Using this lab-grown seaweed, they’ve repopulated the 25 acres of ocean dedicated to the project, engendering highly efficient and sustainable cultivation practices in a community that had previously over-harvested. Who decides how many resources we should take from it now, or how they should be harvested? Working to protect and preserve it is a coalition of of five organizations like the Fisherman’s Association of Alto Puno, cooperating to rehabilitate a diverse array of marine environments within the HCLME. Yet our responses are disconnected: disconnected from those communities most reliant upon the ocean, and most disproportionately affected by our failure to protect it. If somebody was unable to do something, we would tell them do it only for a bit, and then rest — the entire team was very supportive.”. But what helps us make a living is fishing.”, As the ocean creeps up the world’s shores, however, Nzau is, beginning to see the very resource he depends on for survival threaten his livelihood in two direct ways: as the seas rapidly approach the land and threaten his community, he must also go deeper into the ocean in search of a good catch, leaving him more vulnerable to unpredictable weather. ONE COOLVANTAGE. It provides food for four out of 10 people in the world. Fishing is also vital work for the residents of Muanda, a small town in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on the Atlantic coast of Africa. The ocean’s interconnected systems and lifeforms recognise no geographical border, or governance boundaries that we seek to manage it within. s total exports of mangrove crabs were valued at 13 million USD in 2015. “Our mothers and wives grow cassava and onions in the gardens. These are the questions that communities along the coasts of all continents face, and together they must work towards common answers. Our ocean is one of planet Earth’s greatest and most important resources. We had a lot of difficulties, but it was fun doing it with everybody,” says Gawker. Seaweed in particular has also been a valuable commodity for Peruvian fisheries, but as it becomes more scarce, acquiring it has become a more complicated process than simply collecting what washes up on the shore. But in the last four years, pollution, erosion, and the arrival of fishing boats from China have decreased catch levels and depressed the local economy. The OneOcean platform provides all the tools in 1 place, from fleet management, navigation, compliance, operational reporting & meeting safety obligations. Instead of spearing individual crabs to cook or take to market, villagers are practicing organized marine farming, rearing crabs in muddy hatcheries for months before finally harvesting. One Ocean Hub. With demand for crabs and oysters on the rise worldwide, the community’s profits are growing, as India’ Nzau has been fishing for almost forty years, and now supports six children who are still in school. Welcome to ONE ocean sports where we strive to go above and beyond in all areas involving these amazing water sports that we do and love. Efforts are underway to develop and implement a monitoring system that will help communities track the effects of coastal erosion and warn at-risk residents of any imminent danger. Who can be relied upon to make decisions that benefit the entire ecosystem, rather than the people of one nation, city, or village? The environmental importance of marine plant life can scarcely be overstated — it provides more than 50% of the oxygen we consume. About 20 million people living on India’s coastline rely on the sea and its rich biodiversity for food and income. Gutierrez proudly explains, “We have developed a pilot plan that works. “If anybody was in need of some money, we use this account and give it to them.”, But the strongest communal bonds have been formed between women in the farming collective. As these populations adopt sustainable practices, they also point the way towards a healthier, more verdant, and more prosperous future. “In my childhood, the ocean was 100m from the village after a descent, and there was no offshore drilling as we see now,” Nzau remembers. It provides food for four out of 10 people in the world. It protects us from even more dangerous effects of climate change, and it provides an income for billions of people. Fulfil and demonstrate extensive compliance requirements across vessels, fleet and operations. As a leading carrier in refrigerated cargo segment, ONE provides innovative and cutting-edge solutions for the perishable cargo industry. Gutierrez and his fellow fishermen have learned to take advantage of the seaweed’s natural tendency to reproduce in a laboratory. This vast, mysterious body breathes life into our planet: it provides over half the oxygen we breathe, absorbs our carbon dioxide, provides us with food, and supports livelihoods of millions of people around the world. Thousands of people in the Sindhudurg region rely on the ocean to make a living, and many in the area still struggle economically. A continent away, the marine environments of South America are also experiencing rapid change. Since 2012, local men and women have started farming mangrove crabs. Prof Morgera’s second edition of Corporate Environmental Accountability in International Law (open access), Towards transdisciplinarity – which route to take? “We want to add value to the product, but we also want to improve our quality of life and tell the government that the fishing communities will not mismanage the seaweed fields. Founded in 2019, One Ocean Marine takes pride in staying innovative and up to date with the latest in digital media and technological recruitment platforms, so that we can provide our clients with quality crew members for all departments, from Engineering to Deck & Interior. But the fish catch in India is declining. We want to repopulate the seaweed to make a living with it because we are dedicated to this product,” he says. And the process is happening much faster than anyone expected: over the past 10 years the coastline has already been reduced by 15 metres. Here at ONE we are always striving to not only produce the very best products but also to deliver unmatched passion and motivation in to the community’s that we are lucky enough to be able to be a part of. Earlier men did everything, but now women can also do this crab cultivation. They have come together to establish more sustainable practices, and with the technical and financial support of ALGAEX (formerly ACUISUR) and the UNDP, they’ve seen yields rise by more than 30% for their divers after years of decline. A new approach to ocean governance is urgently needed: an approach that mirrors the connectivity of the ocean and with the capacity to benefit from all the voices of those whose livelihoods and cultures are interwoven with a healthy ocean. The program will also help local governments plan future development projects that anticipate likely effects of climate change, as well as teach fishermen in the area more sustainable practices that will preserve Muanda’s local ecosystem and, by extension, its economy. Due to the current and other phenomena, the situation is changing and now we have to go diving. Despite all the mud, they can do it with their own hands. Efficiently plan and optimise voyages in advance and real-time. Luckily, a new project aims to equip the people of the DRC’s coastal towns with the knowledge and resources they need to protect themselves against the threat of climate change. Their methods rely on the unique biological properties of the macroalgaes to reproduce in laboratory settings, and their replanting efforts will sustain the local seaweed fields for years to come. In Sindhudurg, a major fishing region situated on one of the most biodiverse coastlines in the world, destructive fishing practices and pollution are crippling the ecosystem, leaving fishermen with empty nets and pockets.

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