Yeah, and I thought so, too. DEAN: [On Sam’s laptop: we see the last footage Maggie recorded.] 4 stars. Never mind. SASHA: NEIL: RAWLING’S HOUSE - NIGHT] The ghoul? So, I know things are crazy right now, but you got to listen to me. Nightmare Logic Episode # Season 14, Episode 5 First aired: November 8, 2018 Directed by: Darren Grant: Written by: Meredith Glynn: On IMDB: Nightmare Logic: Outline: When Maggie goes missing on a hunt, Sam, Dean, Mary, and Bobby race to find her. RAWLING’S PROPERTY - DAY] Private cemetery. SASHA: Why are you going after Hunters? I'm sorry. [EXT. Mary: They never had any children? Dean should be thinking about this, especially since he knew how possible this scenario is with the experience with Gadreel. Bobby. Dean peeps inside. If you care about him, I think you should. Bobby and I were talking her through it, giving her pointers, and then all of a sudden, she just stopped texting. With Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Samantha Smith. I think so.I think so, too! Here on our Earth, Earth-1 or whatever, Dean and Sam are not Bobby's unofficially adopted sons; they're strangers. I was 12. DEAN: BOBBY: SASHA: He had a stroke. Then the angel war started. DEAN: This house? SASHA: DEAN: SAM: She hears a rattle in distance, then again. Either way, I say we find it -- - And kill it. [INT. Yeah. He let Maggie come here when she had no idea what she was walking into. There's something on his mind, and... he doesn't want to talk about it. SAM: SAM: Mary: The hunting. DANIEL: DEAN: You're not? Y-- I'll go check. After... well, Hunting, that -- that's what got us through. SAM: SAM: BOBBY: NEIL: [Sam pauses on the creature that attacked Maggie.] Great. It's what he does. I wasn't gonna mention it. Well, I'm, uh still getting to know this Bobby. He looks into the crypt from outside the gate. Well, it ain't a ghoul. [Maggie grabs a large blade and walks to the crypt’s entrance. She falls and gets ready for the worst.] Cas' own level of skills/vulnerability seems to vary with the needs of the plot, so we can probably assume that as long as they're not onscreen he's capable of keeping Jack out of trouble. MARY: Just need to get you a whistle. DEAN: I'm sorry. Dean: What bargain? Arriving in Claremore, Oklahoma, late at night, Maggie begins recording her first solo hunt, which she believes is a ghoul. Mr. Rawling. DEAN: Back at the house, Sasha hears what she presumes is rats in the attic and gets surprised by a vampire which, when she flees, doesn’t chase her. Bobby's not open like your dad. [Mary sees some burned clothes.] After a hunt gone wrong leaves Maggie's whereabouts unknown, Sam, Dean, Mary and Bobby race to find her, but what they find are their own worst nightmares. We don't know that, okay? [Sam is on the phone.] I knew it! So, whatever your Bobby has behind his... doubt it's pretty. Exactly. My dad wasn't the best person. What is that? He gasps.] [The groundskeeper is at the entrance, wielding a pitchfork.] What happened to you?! Yeah. He turns his flashlight on and walks up to the attic.] Stop that. After separating, Mary uses the time to praise Sam on his leadership and they discuss her possible relationship with Bobby, but their conversation comes to an abrupt end when they discover the remains of a burnt wallet full of fake identification cards that seems to belong to a hunter. MARY: Could you just give us a minute? You know, I don't have a blade dipped in lamb's blood... but I can improvise. Hey, I know. Okay, so, uh, the key is under the garden gnome. But you got scared. DEAN: RAWLING’S PROPERTY - NIGHT] Ghouls don't take prisoners. DEAN: She turns her flashlight on, and keeps walking to a cemetery. SAM: [INT. DEAN: [Sam and Dean see what happened to Maggie.] [INT. ACT FIVE Mr. Harrison, a word. Chuck. SAM: They upload directly to the server. He left hours ago. I don't know. Something jumped her. [INT. SAM: DEAN: DEAN: Strange. SAM: SAM: I know you're curious -- what they did, what you let them do. DEAN: SASHA: (chuckles) I shouldn't be talking to you about this. NEIL: [The group is back with Maggie. DANIEL: After Maggie fails to update her regular check in, Sam and Dean watch her body cam footage and see that she may have been taken by … It's all so limiting. The vampire attacks and, like Dean, Sam stabs the creature and it, too, explodes into dust. RAWLING’S PROPERTY - DAY] RAWLING’S PROPERTY - DAY] MARY: BOBBY: ACT TWO Bobby, forget about it. [Sam follows Bobby.] Okay, you know what? Basically they went on a mission, there was a ton of destruction and Daniel didn't make it back. Mm. SAM: Mom, go. [Maggie is chained to the ceiling, surrounded by blood bags.] Then, she hugs Sam. [The djinn shows his true face.] DEAN: You don't know my family. [Dean smiles at her and leaves. Dean: How, Sam? Carver was ok with it too. All right, we're coming up. He's doing better than his best. You are not logged in, either login or create an account to post comments. SAM: I'm s-- You okay? Yeah, but a war isn't Hunting. It's Michael. Relax. There's -- No. Like my Dad? [Dean walks to Neil and Mr. Rawling. SAM: He smacks Mary in the face and starts choking her. He wasn't there, so I was the one who found her. SAM: Stop! It's a shame what those vampires did to her family. DEAN: While Mary and Sam discuss the case, Dean and Bobby discover that the person they have been talking to is the full-time nurse of the owner Patrick Rawling. Um... keeps up his iron. DEAN: And that thing that I killed died weird. DEAN: Mostly because Dean was so non P C that it hurt. MARY: No, but it'll slow you down. [INT. That's, uh -- That's everybody. That's not possible. I don't know any other way to live. [Suddenly, the CREATURE that attacked Maggie attacks him. Yeah. I'm here. Okay. MARY: Is she doing something to help find Michael? Thanks, Dad. You hunt monsters? We're gonna need to talk to him. RAWLING’S HOUSE - ATTIC - CONTINUOUS] DEAN: Maybe some kind of manifestation? [The djinn puts a hand on Dean’s forehead. Sam, you're with me. [EXT. I guess lately, I've -- I've been looking for other options. I saw a ghoul, okay? Sam. And, yeah, they're nasty little sons of bitches, but they're also scavengers. MARY: [EXT. But y'all are totally on point, it's getting to be, November 8, 2018 11:43 PM - Season 14, Episode 5 -, actors that's played multiple unrelated characters. I hope we get an "Ocean's Eleven" moment where, indeed, Michael pops out at the worst moment, only to discover that Sam and Dean have figured this out earlier and somehow found a way to communicate without Michael knowing. When it became clear that the nurse/Djinn thought Dean was still Michael, I was kind of hoping Dean would play along for a bit. Upon enter the the Rawling family's crypt, she is soon attacked by a ghoulish figure hiding in the shadows. [INT. Okay NEIL: Where's Bobby? Help me. Somebody... ple-- Help me. The angels took them. [EXT. [INT. [Dean and Bobby are walking in the woods.] This show has so much plot going on, it kind of feels like they need to stop introducing new plot for a while and just deal with some of the loose ends spilling out all over the place. Hey. It's just... It was the same thing that attacked Maggie in the video. Don? SAM: [INT. Didn't know any better. Rawling.] Downstairs, Dean finally recognizes the way Patrick is attached to blood bags from when he was held captive by a djinn and realizes that Neil is the one behind everything.

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