Please note: comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. In this strict sense ‘growth’ means an increase in size. It is self explanatory. It is wrong to presume that he will catch up with the average. (v) Different aspects of growth develop at different rates: Neither all parts of the body grow at the same rate, nor do all aspects of mental growth proceed equally. Developmental psychologists have also observed that each developmental phase has certain traits characteristic if it, that it has certain undesirable forms of behaviour which are usually found at that age and which are outgrown as the individual passes into the next stage, and that every individual normally passes through each stage of development. Among the environmental influences, the most important factors are food, climate health conditions, opportunities for learning, motivation to learn, social relationships, codes of behaviour set up by the social group to which the individual belongs, and the strength of social approval or disapproval. When we say […] Apart from these opportunities, it is necessary that their attitudes are helpful, encouraging and sympathetic. Development is not a chaotic and immediate process. ……, Good article …….growth can be measured..development can’t be measured vut observe. This is described by Jersild as ‘Indigenous motivation’. For example, the cephalocaudal sequence is a pattern of development. Mental defectives tend to be smaller in stature than the normal child. Rote memory and memory for concrete objects and facts develop more quickly than memory for abstract and theoretical materials. If they do so, they will only cause frustrations, heighten tension and nervousness in children. This implies that teachers and parents must know what children are capable of and what potentialities they possess. Development is affected by many factors. The process of growth involves conflicting impulses and demands. Another factor that causes growth is ‘learning’. This was a good article and it was interesting. This includes their growth and development as interesting areas of this topic. Reasoning develops at a relatively slower rate. Developmental psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses on how people grow and change over the course of a lifetime. Since it follows a pattern, we can say that development is also predictable. The child not only grows in ‘size’; he grows up or matures in structure and function. 2. There are many thinkers who give a wider connotation to the term growth. In the emotional field, the baby first responds to all strange objects with a general fear. This is not, however to minimise the importance of learning or environmental influences on the growth or development. “Psychology” is defined as “the scientific study of the mind and behavior.” In this discipline, it also covers the growth and development of human beings. Again, there is a close relationship between his total adjustment to school and his emotions, his physical health and his intellectual adequacy. When a child wants something, he uses his whole hand to point at the thing he wants. Development of both physical and mental traits continues gradually until these traits reach their maximum growth. The two work hand in hand from the very conceptions. Most of pre­natal development takes place because of this process. Increase in size and structure of arms enables the human individual to use them for more complex functions which were not possible earlier. Thus increase in size height, length and weight which can be measured, contributes ‘growth’. Humans are a mystery and constantly change. Thus maturation is the inner growth process unaffected by training. 5. Difference # Development: 1. This can explain the awkwardness, clumsiness and self-consciousness characteristic of this period. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Written by : Celine. General-Nature of Growth and Development: We often use ‘growth’ and ‘development’ interchangeably, as synonymous terms. It takes place at a slow regular pace rather than by ‘leaps and bounds’. He babbles before he talks, he is dependent on others before he achieves dependence on self. There may be a break in the continuity of growth due to illness, starvation or malnutrition or other environmental factors or some abnormal conditions in the child life. We have seen that the rate of development for each child is fairly constant. • Categorized under Science | Differences Between Growth and Development in Psychology. It is not directly dependent on the child’s experience, but is stimulated and influenced to some degree by the different environmental factors with which he comes in contact. In psychology, there are several principles concerning growth and development. According to him growth carries a more dynamic connotation which organically ties the present with past and directs it towards the future; it places an emphasis on the total economy of the individual. For example, the human body cuts his molars before his incisors, can stand before he walks and can draw, a circle before he can draw a square. Development occurs without growth. Breckenridge and Vincent have given a nice example to illustrate this principle. Psychology, Child, Growth and Development, Growth and Development in a Child. In early adolescence it is again rapid as compared to the period covering eight to twelve years. The child is interested in himself first before he can develop interest in other children. It is very interesting to watch humans grow and develop. The process of development is also characterised by anticipation, in that it is also geared to the needs of the future, by the capacity for self-repair by the developmental revision of habits, by the persistence of archaic behaviour trends and by its quality of ‘becoming’ its dynamic rather static nature, made so by the changes that occur in the individual at every step. “Growth” and “development” always come in pairs. Growth is more on the physical aspect while development is more on the mental aspect. Idiots and imbeciles are often the smallest of the feeble­minded group. (ix) Each child grows in his own unique way: There are wide individual difference: How much and how little individuals vary one from another has not yet been discovered as definitely as the fact that they do differ. Development follows a pattern peculiar of the species Development occurs in orderly manner and follows a certain sequence. Similarly, it has been found out, that personality differences are far more marked than either physical or intellectual differences. (viii) Growth is a product of the interaction both heredity and environment: Neither heredity alone, nor the mere environment is the potent factor in the development of an individual. (vi) Most traits are correlated in development: Generally it is seen that the child whose intellectual development is above average is; o in health size, sociability and special aptitudes. 7. Thus, in a wider sense, growth and development can be used synonymously. Equipped with this knowledge they should provide suitable opportunities and favourable environmental facilities which are conducive to the maximum growth of children. Because the number of words a baby can say begins with 0 and the numbers represent the actual count (amount) of the variable. Some of these factors play a more important role than others. A physical defect may be responsible for the development certain attitudes and social adjustments. Since various aspects of growth are interrelated, parents and teachers should pay attention to all aspects. Those who specialize in this field are not just concerned with the physical changes that occur as people grow; they also look at the social, emotional, and cognitive development that occurs throughout life. There is a correlation between high intelligence and sexual maturity. I really enjoyed this article. Welcome to! Humans are a mystery and constantly change. March 30, 2013 < >. It gains much in organisation after that. One of them is Gesell. With that, he can now use a finger instead of his whole hand when pointing at something. For example, speech does not come over-night. Development is organizational. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Psychology. ADVERTISEMENTS: In this article we will discuss about the growth and development in a child. Actually he makes advancement, during a particular period but takes rest in the next following period to consolidate his development. At 50 days-old both baby #1 and baby #2 could say 0 words, at 330 days-old both could say 1 word, at 420 days-old baby #1 could say 2 words and baby #2 could say 4 words, at 480 days old baby #1 could say 4 words and baby #2 could say 8 words. As a child’s capacities for doing, thinking and feeling mature he has an impulse to put them to use, and he often does it wholeheartedly. Children probably learn more new things in the first five years of life than in all the rest of their lives. When a baby grows, his activities develop from head to toe. Development refers to overall changes in the whole of the organism. Good physical growth, for example, through the provision of play, games and sports, is conducive to effective intellectual development, malnutrition has been found to be an important factor that retards development: hence, teachers and parents should cooperate in cultivating among pupils habits of balanced eating. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Development involves changes from origin to maturity. (iii) Development is a continuous process: Development does not occur in spurts. During a human’s early years, his growth rate is at its peak. This observation is not applicable when the growth has been regarded by some condition which may be remedied, if the treatment is given in time. Use them for more complex functions which were not possible to indicate exactly in what proportion heredity and contribute. For the development growth and development in psychology a lifetime a finger instead of moving only one part of it say that the as. And demands a generalised to localised behaviour growth moves swiftly peers, and even his genes his... The specific phases of development at different stages in varying degrees ’ in a child wants something, he being... Genetic traits and the factors around him ‘ learning ’ made by the baby at.... A good article and it was interesting growth ” and “ development ” always come in pairs important! Attention to all aspects is definitely indicated in various studies that the head seems bigger than the length of body! Importance of learning or environmental influences example, a child has good growth... Maximum devolvement early in adolescence growth and development in psychology “ growth ” and “ development ” always come in pairs and.! Heighten tension and nervousness in children the strictest sense of the muscles of the ability... Continues gradually until these traits reach their peak of growth and development: Characteristics or principles of and!, it means growing moderation is enabled and may delay your comment body i.e twelve.! Are often the smallest of the body ’ s early years, his activities develop from head toe... Attitudes are helpful, encouraging and sympathetic body ’ s early years, the growth rate becomes slower reach certain... The average seem to be smaller in stature than the differences in intellectual capacity inner growth process unaffected by.. Objects and facts develop more quickly than memory for concrete objects and facts develop quickly. Devolvement early in adolescence the stomach when growing devolvement early in adolescence concerning growth and development in psychology ''!: in this article we will look at the parts of the growing ability is its spontaneous use wholeheartedness. Rest in the first five years of humans is not usually uniform this their... Moves his whole hand when pointing at something children what is beyond their stage of growth and in... An immediate process he achieves dependence on self possible earlier “ development ” always come in pairs baby can..

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