Reply with a photo of Thurston from your first year at GW! H�lW�n\��߯�K{��~Vu��l#� ��,b"k�)K���ϩ�~ 9@�9���z�O��Oo������?�����7�_����Č?!�����=�rP���R�C�#���������!? TKt��!���a �c�0>G�� �S�60�`�fhܳ�ŇQh�D k�_W�7XD�pt70r���s:��� [ �-JX�3p>V�L|9pQi.�����m 0000087851 00000 n 0000088108 00000 n 0000009269 00000 n 0000045589 00000 n We all have our own opinions of Thurston Hall. 0000095412 00000 n 0000096850 00000 n Thurston will close for renovations in spring 2020 and will re-open in fall 2022. To give you a sense of how bougie it will be, check out this pic from GW Today: Included in the reno plans are multiple housing alternatives for students to live in during the renovation. 0000031592 00000 n 0000007331 00000 n 225 77 0000004550 00000 n 0000034016 00000 n 0000096057 00000 n Students said they wanted to get active in the upcoming election to find their footing in politics and help sway a particularly high-stakes race. Are you a fan of the Thurston renovations? I’m sure there are mixed opinions about this renovation on campus, but I am curious to see what the zoning board’s decision will be! 0000019327 00000 n 0000095714 00000 n 0000048995 00000 n 0000045692 00000 n 0000003749 00000 n 0000008362 00000 n 0000096473 00000 n Copyright © 2020 Hatchet Publications, Inc. • Proudly Powered by WordPress, Vacancies, new commissioners to mark new era for ANC, Students join local, national campaigns to help decide the fate of upcoming races. More than half of the Foggy Bottom and West End Advisory Neighborhood Commission’s eight seats remain up for grabs during the election. LeBlanc said students could move into the renovated hall as early as fall of 2021 and no later than fall of 2022. 0000048415 00000 n 0000011884 00000 n Designed using Unos. trailer <<89BBD3697FAC430FB72F7F1A56E16292>]/Prev 673084/XRefStm 2261>> startxref 0 %%EOF 301 0 obj <>stream 0000119070 00000 n 0000097434 00000 n Over the summer, GW Today announced that the Board of Trustees approved this renovation and would likely house students in the new and improved Thurston Hall in Fall 2022. 225 0 obj <> endobj xref 0000016373 00000 n 0000049366 00000 n University spokeswoman Maralee Csellar said offi cials needed to halt planning for the new residence hall to “fully focus” on Thurston renovations. The renovation of Thurston Hall is key to creating a preeminent student experience at GW. 0000087674 00000 n thurston hall renovation july 2019 project background As part of the university’s strategic initiative to enhance the student experience, GW is seeking to re-envision and fully renovate Thurston Hall. Learn more. new residence hall on 20th and H streets by fall 2022. 0000011396 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n “I’m very excited about the Thurston Hall project, which is in some ways perhaps the largest and most visible effort within the student experience,” he said. The two-year endeavor—now under way with the building scheduled to re-open in fall 2022—will offer former residents and friends of Thurston multiple opportunities to engage and contribute to its transformation. 0000087781 00000 n 0000008335 00000 n 0000012650 00000 n 0000028946 00000 n 0000008795 00000 n 0000013073 00000 n The proposed plans for the renovation would make the 91-year-old building into a center of student life equipped with study lounges, a penthouse space with city views, and a three-season atrium, which is obviously a dorm essential. 0000156280 00000 n 0000013551 00000 n Updated: May 19, 2019 at 4:42 p.m. 0000119031 00000 n Last week, CampaignGW released an email asking for students to write letters to the D.C. zoning board telling them why they believe the renovation should take place. 0000015894 00000 n 0000109439 00000 n H�\��n�0E�� It hasn't undergone a substantial renovation in the last 60-plus years. I’ll bet people had a lot to say in those letters. The board’s approval comes three months after officials decided to pause plans to build a new first-year residence hall and instead accelerate construction on Thurston Hall. Read The Hatchet’s 2020 Election Guide for coverage on candidates in local races and student involvement in national elections. 0000002599 00000 n 0000022481 00000 n Thurston Hall, the largest first-year residence hall on the Foggy Bottom campus, offers students numerous amenities under one roof. Powered by WordPress. /�ED�ÓH)���Ej� 0�H� C�}=�(��>�3�#{���|�ͨ�wוgu������\����ƪu�����[�E��|���ۓ�;��:�����&����/T��*v��ꧯ�������?ܲ�Jg������kѲ�����8-}�_��Գ��2eW��%��^Y�+�d:=�'Sl��Q��K]~N���V~Pi�f^���!8ނ��c����ca6��F��bi�Z��J�O"�$8�l�`�� �H�A��cP�H]��a�0�8��7;�Nx���\� >�߈?��ğ�F�Fp#q#����H��Cr>B]?���oH��w�~�Gysη�܎sOH74��w��Y�_ �缴 endstream endobj 230 0 obj <> endobj 231 0 obj <> endobj 232 0 obj <>stream 0000012256 00000 n According to them, these letters are key to persuading the zoning board to follow through with the proposed plans and its expedited process. 0000088271 00000 n You may know about the proposal to renovate Thurston, which according to GW Today, could be an $80 million project. 0000014183 00000 n 0000024732 00000 n Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open. h�b``f`�c`c` �ad@ A�;� �Y� �0 [XX�$�\��4l�8�)�to�cRq*t�- W�Ӳ���� Z"((���d����J`�������D8��Ҟ@��fb�8 "���!�!�@W��kS�2l��Dj�M#�H`�a\Ơΐ��.�P�����%���A�A������Á��c�����#,g�� The renovated building will accommodate about 825 students in double and single rooms, the release states. Prior to the Thurston Hall renovation, material classes were held off campus, and transportation to and from the site was inconvenient for the growing program. 0000029350 00000 n “This renovation project supports President [Thomas] LeBlanc’s strategic initiative to improve the student ex-perience by upgrading exist- 0000002440 00000 n George Washington University bought what would become Thurston Hall in the 1950s. 0000021404 00000 n 0000018616 00000 n 0000018169 00000 n 0000097130 00000 n 0000088178 00000 n For all these reasons, the Thurston Hall renovation is a priority that will continue to move forward, the only capital project to do so in a challenging environment. GW has a duty to care for current and future students. 0000109727 00000 n 0000018793 00000 n Officials plan to house second- and third-year students off-campus to allow for renovations to Thurston Hall. 0000026398 00000 n 0000049621 00000 n I mean, let’s be real: Thurston is in desperate need of a revamp and how cool would it be to have such a modern, architectural building on our campus. 0000002261 00000 n 0000019300 00000 n Students living here enjoy television and piano lounges, as well as academic study space. In 2015, a kitchen was added in the basement common area of Thurston Hall and in 2016, all rooms received new furniture. I never lived there, but I’ve heard some pretty shocking stories about life in the biggest dorm on campus. 0000004097 00000 n 0000007716 00000 n Media Credit: Jack Fonseca | Contributing Photo Editor. RTY endstream endobj 300 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[28 197]/Length 29/Size 225/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream 0000014000 00000 n 0000004664 00000 n Officials will file a plan with the D.C. zoning commission to house second- and third-year students in off-campus locations – like Aston Hall and One Washington Circle – while renovations occur this summer. Multi-Use Auditorium . 0000017895 00000 n

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