Biden, 71, will be eligible for a substantial pension come 2017. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder. He was a 2010 Robert Novak Fellow with the Phillips Foundation, where he studied state pension shortfalls. An under-the-hood look at Joe Biden's Social Security benefits. He is guaranteed an even larger salary over the remaining two years of President Obama’s term, as his salary comes with automatic cost of living adjustments. The President’s FY 2017 budget request seeks $3,865,000 in appropriations for expenditures for former Presidents, an increase of $588,000 (17.9%) from the FY 2016 appropriation level. [Emphasis added], Cunningham said the Obama-Biden administration “chose instead to divide the workers at Delphi into winners and losers by supporting full pensions for the members of the major unions who often worked side-by-side with the salaried workers.”. © 2020 Ian Smith. In other emails, PBGC officials indicated they had the green light from the Obama-Biden administration to slash the pensions. Delphi workers who had their pensions slashed during the Obama-Biden administration’s auto bailout say Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden had seven years as vice president to represent their interests but chose not to. Vice President Joe Biden plans on relying solely on taxpayers to fund his retirement. This entry was posted in Politics and tagged Joe Biden, Obama Administration, White House. However, Biden’s poor financial planning means that taxpayers will have to foot the bill for his retirement. Instead, Vice Presidents are granted pensions based on their service in the U. S. House of Representatives or Senate. When Biden and Obama vacate the White House, they will have to make do with a $5 million "transition budget" that will cover their move out expenses, as well as Secret Service protection, according to the Congressional Research Service. Ex-Presidents are entitled to various forms of compensation by law after they leave office., his pension could amount to approximately $248,670 per year. After President Donald Trump’s administration confirmed that he is weighing plans to restore the Delphi workers’ slashed pensions, Biden changed his tune during a campaign stop in Alliance, Ohio, where he said the workers “deserve the pension” after saying in … may not be reproduced without express written consent from Ian Smith. Biden now earns more than $230,000 per year. Biden, however, will benefit from more than just the presidential transition budget. Biden proudly admitted that he was "the poorest member of Congress" over his four-decade career in Washington. Biden admitted that he was lucky that his career as a senator and vice president allowed him to play fast and loose with his finances, pointing out that even in his poorest days, he was earning twice the median salary. Ex-presidents currently receive a pension that is equal to pay for Cabinet Secretaries (Executive Level I), which for calendar year 2016 is $205,700. Former Vice President Joe Biden smiling for a photo. Some salaried workers got hurt.” [Emphasis added], The Obama/Biden Administration had seven years to correct the injustice and horrible damage that was done to the salaried retirees, our families and our communities when our pension plan was terminated during the involvement of the Administration in the GM bankruptcy. A federal report in 2013 detailed that the Delphi workers would likely have their pensions cut by an estimated $440 million. Open, the Federal Government will begin a phased transition to normal operations in line with the national guidelines to Open Up America Again. His email address is Now, workers in Mexico for the company earn about $1 an hour. Vice Presidents must serve at least two years to receive a pension. The vice president does not automatically receive a pension based on that office, but instead receives the same pension as other members of Congress based on their position as president of the Senate. In 2012, federal documents unveiled how the Obama-Biden administration’s Treasury Department worked to gut the pensions of the Delphi workers. Joe Biden’s pension is based on his role as President of the Senate. Delphi, which has since split into Aptiv and Delphi Technologies, announced in 2006 that it would shutter 21 of its 29 plants in the United States — offshoring some 20,000 U.S. jobs to Mexico, China, and other foreign countries. 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The pensions of secretaries, clerks, technicians, engineers, estimators, customer service representatives, front-line supervisors, and thousands of other salaried workers were “completely disregarded” by the Obama-Biden administration, Cunningham said. Subscribe to our free email list to get our news updates in your inbox.

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